Share Your Ideas about Runge Conservation Nature Center

Employees at Runge Conservation Nature Center are beginning to develop an area management plan for the next 10 years. We welcome your comments.

This 100-acre area in Jefferson City features a visitor center with exhibits and live-animal displays, special events, trails, demonstrations, and diverse natural habitats.

It is one of nearly 1,000 conservation areas owned or managed by the Missouri Department of Conservation. Conservation areas support the Department's mission by offering places to restore and conserve fish, forest, and wildlife resources, and providing opportunity for all citizens to use, enjoy, and learn about these resources. Conservation areas are different than state or local parks that may place a greater emphasis on team sports, recreational activities, or social gatherings.

What’s a Conservation Area Management Plan?

These plans document strategies for natural resource management and public use on conservation areas. Conservation area plans also help communicate an area’s purpose and management direction to staff and interested citizens. Area management plans serve as a management plan for the property with a focus on terrestrial and aquatic resource management, public use management, and administrative considerations.

Missouri Department of Conservation staff will begin drafting the 10-year Runge Conservation Nature Center Area Management Plan later this year, which will be available for an additional public comment period in coming months.

Why do you want my ideas now?

This summer, we are working to gather ideas to help inform us when developing our draft area management plan. We would love to hear from visitors who care about and use Runge Conservation Nature Center.

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Tell us your ideas about this area. We hope to hear from a broad range of public interests and will listen and consider all ideas. Decisions on which ideas to incorporate into the conservation area plan and on how to best incorporate them will be based on the property’s purpose, its physical and biological conditions and capabilities, available financial and staffing resources, the best role of the property in its local, regional and state-wide context, and on the professional expertise of Department staff.

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