Conservation Area Plans Open for Comment

Do you have ideas about how your conservation areas are managed? We’d like to hear them.

New plans posted monthly

As conservation area management plans become available, we will post them for a month-long comment period.

Plans are posted below and listed by region of the state. Please review a plan and leave comments by following the link in the plan.

regions mapWe will consider your input during the process of finalizing the plans.

Read the FAQs below to learn about our process for gathering public input on our conservation area management plans.

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Dan and Maureen Cover Prairie Conservation Area is 736 acres of grassland and woodland habitat. Management activities are focused on protection and enhancement the area’s natural resources, specifically for upland game habitat, grassland and savanna wildlife species, and compatible recreational activities.

Shannon Ranch Conservation Area is 1,565 acres of upland forest, woodlands, glade, savanna, and grassland habitat. Area management is focused on forests, watershed protection, and compatible recreational activities. This area provides 11 fishless ponds, six parking lots, a camping area with picnic tables and grills, and a scenic overlook for public use.

Tingler Prairie Conservation Area is 240 acres of native prairie, forest, woodland, wetland/marsh, old field, and fishless pond habitat. The primary focus of this area is on remnant prairie, marsh, and sinkhole pond natural communities. This area includes four fishless ponds, a parking lot, a viewing deck, and two miles of trails for public use.


Neosho Towersite (80 acres), Lanagan Towersite (57 acres), Powell Towersite (80 acres), and Goodman Towersite (40 acres) provide fire detection, emergency communication, and managed forest resources for Newton and McDonald counties.

Key Messages: 

Conservation makes Missouri a great place to hunt and fish.

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