Periodic Rule Review

The Department of Conservation welcomes your comments on all Wildlife Code of Missouri regulations.

Missouri statute 536.175 RSMo, passed by the General Assembly in 2012, requires all state agencies to conduct a periodic review of their regulations every five years and submit a report to the legislature.The Department of Conservation is among the first group of agencies to go through this process.

On July 1, 2015, a public notice was published in the Missouri Register that each rule in the Wildlife Code is open for comment from July 1, 2015 to August 30, 2015.

During this 60-day period, the public may submit comments here or through other traditional means (letter, telephone call) on any Department regulation. Those providing comments must identify themselves and comments must be directly associated with a specific regulation.

To facilitate the process, we've provided links to each chapter and rule below. Each rule has a PURPOSE statement which describes the intent of the regulation to help you identify the regulation that you wish to comment on. Also under each rule is a link to the Secretary of State's website which contains complete text of each rule and an electronic comment form for your convenience.

If interested in future Wildlife Code changes, you can sign up for automatic notifications of administrative rule changes from the Secretary of State.

Key Messages: 

Missourians care about conserving forests, fish and wildlife.

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