Proposed Regulation Changes

The Missouri Department of Conservation follows the Secretary of State’s established process for making changes to the Code of State Regulations. This process calls for state agencies to conduct a 30-day public comment period for each proposed rule, amendment, or rescission and to consider those comments prior to filing a final order of rulemaking.

Only those comments received during the formal public comment period will be reported to the Secretary of State.

3 CSR 10- 4.111: Endangered Species


This amendment adds one (1) bat species and five (5) mussel species to the state endangered species list and corrects punctuation.  The bat species has recently been listed as threatened under the federal Endangered Species Act (ESA) because they have undergone significant declines in Missouri and the mussel species are being added because three (3) of the five (5) are currently listed under the ESA and one (1) is being considered for listing.  

3 CSR 10- 5.210: Permits to be Signed and Carried


This amendment allows the use of newly-developed, Department-issued plastic cards as an accepted permit for use by persons hunting, fishing, or trapping.

3 CSR 10- 6.505: Black Bass


This amendment consolidates all Smallmouth Bass Special Management Area regulations for smallmouth bass to a fifteen inch (15”) minimum length limit, a daily limit of one (1) and expands the areas on the Big Piney, Jacks Fork, Big River, and Meramec River.

3 CSR 10- 6.530: Goggle-eye (Ozark Bass, Rock Bass and Shadow Bass) and Warmouth


This amendment sets a statewide length limit of seven inches (7”) on goggle-eye (Ozark bass, rock bass, and shadow bass) and warmouth and remove the Osage Fork of the Gasconade River from the Rock Bass Special Management areas.

3 CSR 10- 9.110: General Prohibition; Applications


This amendment adds alligator gar (Lepisosteus spatula) to the Approved Aquatic Species List, reorders the list of approved aquatic species for consistency, and corrects an inaccurate reference in the authority section. 

3 CSR 10- 9.440: Resident Falconry Permit


This amendment changes the expiration date for falconry permits to June 30 in the third calendar year after issuance, provides consistency with expiration dates of other confined wildlife permits, removes unnecessary verbiage, and corrects an inaccurate reference in the authority section.  

3 CSR 10-10.727: Record Keeping and Reporting Required: Commercial Fishermen


This amendment clarifies the expectation that live weight is to be provided on monthly reports by commercial fishermen and corrects an inaccurate reference in the authority section.

3 CSR 10-11.115: Closings


This amendment changes the water level gage used to determine when Hornersville Swamp Conservation Area will close due to high water.

3 CSR 10-11.205: Fishing, Methods and Hours


This amendment establishes public use provisions and restrictions for fishing methods, hours, and harvest on the Ozark Regional Office Pond.

3 CSR 10-11.185: Dove Hunting


This amendment removes unnecessary punctuation, corrects the spelling of Marais Temps Clair Conservation Area, and corrects an inaccurate reference in the authority section.

3 CSR 10-11.215: Fishing, Length Limits


This amendment establishes a sixteen inch (16”) minimum length limit on channel catfish on Current River Conservation Area (Buford Pond) and Tywappity Community Lake and corrects an inaccurate reference in the authority section.

3 CSR 10-12.110: Use of Boats and Motors


This amendment adds Wentzville City Park lakes (Community Club Lake and Heartland Lake) to the list of areas under management agreement with the department, prohibiting the use of boats and motors.

3 CSR 10-12.115: Bullfrogs and Green Frogs


This amendment establishes provisions for harvesting bullfrogs and green frogs on Heartland Lake (City of Wentzville), an area under management agreement with the department.

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